Tuesday, November 29, 2005

December Reunion

So at the last reunion, we were discussing a possibility of meeting at someone's house during or around winter break and having a holiday party of sorts. While I know that CrystalAnn wants to go to Canada, we thought that it might be easier to go during a three-day weekend in January or maybe during mid-winter break. Anyway, would you guys be interested in having a party sometime at someone's house? And if so, is anyone willing to volunteer their house or help me plan it?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Math is Cool Masters

For those of us going to Moses Lake this weekend, do we want to meet up? Amir and I were thinking that we could meet for dinner Friday night somewhere, although where we would eat specifically is still up in the air. Are you guys interested, and if so, where would you want to meet? I'm also assuming that we'd be bringing our teams with us, so it'd probably end up being a pretty darn big group, but I think that'd be fun. At Bellevue, we've gone to Denny's in the past, but I'd definitely be open to suggestions.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who went to Federal Way and placed...you all did a great job!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Read Me!

Since people seem awfully non-committal about a reunion, Chris and I, today during our math class, have decided that we are going to have a reunion either this Thursday night or Friday during the day. We figured that people shouldn't have school on Friday because of Veteran's Day, and since there's a math competition on Saturday, Friday sounded like a good day. If people would rather do Thursday night, that'd work too, so feel free to voice your opinion on that. If we're going to do Friday, I'm thinking that we'll meet somewhere and do something at some time or another, but I haven't really got all of those details worked out. But yeah, post something or email me (I'll send out an email) or talk to me online or call me to tell me if you think you can come, and once I figure out all of the details, I'll tell you. And if you have any great ideas about what we can do, feel free to tell me those as well. And if you think you're free but need a ride, tell me that too.