Friday, April 21, 2006

Bellevue BATH

It's finally here! The Bellevue High School Math Team will be holding its first-ever competition, the Bellevue BATH, and all of you are invited! Please, please come, because it will be a ridiculous amount of fun. It won't be like any other math competition you've ever been to--I guarantee that! It will take place on May 20th, at Bellevue High School, and I encourage all of you to come, even if you don't have a math team at your school. If you want to come and you don't have a math team, shoot me an email and I'll try to make sure that you can participate. For those of you guys with math teams, I definitely expect your schools to come, and if your school hasn't yet received the registration info, also send me an email.


Euclid & USAMO

how's Euclid, Cdn's? Personnally I think it's easier than Canadian Open considering its target grade level is high school seniors. I made a primitive mistake in #9, and didn't bother 10b, or c 'cause I ran out of time, and everything else was cookie.

USAMO seems to be over, how did it go?

P.S. Owen and I decided to go and kick some TAC butts this year, so cheers>:-D.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Where next year?

Hey, fellow seniors - May 1st is almost upon us, and people are starting to know where they'll be. Me, I'm at the UW. Where's everyone else going?