Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday Reunion

Hey guys,

Thanks to Kunal for making this. It rocks, and it has a pretty good color scheme too ;-). Hope we can all use it to stay in touch. For pictures, this would work, although starting an MSN group would also be a good idea. An alumni page would be cool, but why couldn't we just email them about this one?

So, the reunion on Saturday is at BelSquare. Where at Belsquare, and when? I seem to recall Edward saying he would post details at some point...this is as good a place as any to do it (and send out an email too, probably).

Also, if anyone's free, I'm free this week to do whatever - go see a movie, dance party (again :-) or just hang out. It's a pretty cool thing when you thought you had 2 weeks of summer, and now they've turned into 3, plus one of them is not going to be wasted in CA away from SIMUW people. So IM me up, phone me up, and generally make my life busier and happier, k?

Last thing before this post starts turning into an essay (omg it already happened. NO! ...anyway) it would be really cool to schedule a reunion later in the year for everyone. Before next summer. I was talking with some of you about it, and I think we ended up suggesting Bellingham as a fairly central place for everybody - especially since there are so many people from Canadia, and not too many from down south (I love you too, Kunal and Basham). The problem with that is coordinating a time where most people could come - probably a Saturday of a vacation break would be good - like Christmas break, but everybody's busy then. Anyway, just a thought.

See you all later people.


Blogger Simfish said...

Hey, who are you, trogdor.sw00t?

6:53 PM, August 07, 2005  
Blogger JoelFox said...

that's Chris

7:20 PM, August 07, 2005  
Blogger Edward said...

Heh... I guess I should start thinking about some stuff to do. Well, I think going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner is definitely a good idea, but if anybody has any other ideas for what to do before that, please post them.

7:47 PM, August 07, 2005  
Blogger CrystalAnn said...

Hey I think thats a great idea, you guys name the time and place and I'll do my best to be there. I love you guys so much


7:49 PM, August 08, 2005  
Blogger trogdor.sw00t said...

OK, based on what happened with trying to get people together at Alderwood yesterday, I'm thinking we should decide something ahead of time lol.

So if we're planning on eating at Cheesecake Factory, we should have a time to meet there which we can all agree on.

Then if some of us want to hang out earlier than that, we can create our own meeting place and time; maybe by the Orange Julius since that is relatively central. When, I don't know since everybody's on a different schedule in a different city. Anyway, go ahead and post what you think you could do...I'm pretty much free the whole day.

4:36 PM, August 09, 2005  

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